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Lewiston’s Hidden Secret

This weekend was my most productive time since I’ve been back this semester. I have finished two job applications, had a meeting with my advisor, and chewed through all my readings for this week.  But on Saturday, I was about to get comfortable in the library when one of my friends peer pressured me into being his side kick for two hours while he drove around Lewiston to do some needless shopping.

Everyone here knows, Lewiston has the best thrift stores in the world. Our first stop was Salvation Army, followed by a Goodwill, followed by a stop at a small dive known as Orphan Annie’s. By far the best is Salvation Army, where this time I bought an awesome cowboy style button down shirt and a warm fleece jacket. (Can’t have enough fleece when you’re living in Maine!)  For some reason Lewiston is a hot bed for vintage clothing, and not a single outing in my Bates College career has proved this wrong. This time my friend, Zand, bought a VHS copy of the original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Last Waltz. Great finds!

 I am still in the market for a nice carpet for my single on Frye St. No luck this time, maybe I might just have to sell out and head over to a real store.


Here’s a pic of two of my buddies showing off some of their recent Lewiston thrift store finds…. Walking around campus dressed like this on a Saturday night? It’s standard practice around here when your looking to have a good time. You bet he’s cold!



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