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Snowboarding and Broken Collar Bones

Coming to Maine from Kentucky has given me many new opprotunities. My favorite has to be the sick snowboarding that is offered just down the ways. We have three great options:

1) Lost Valley:  a cool little place just down the road, sometime people go and do a few runs right before dinner…. it’s also free for Batesies!

2) Sunday River: my favorite and the old stomping ground for many of my friends. It’s maybe 1.5 hours away and makes for a good day of mountain shredding

3) Sugar Loaf: never snowboarded there myself, but my winter pass let’s me in. It’s further away than the others but during the fall of my sophomore year I hiked up it before the snow fell

This past Friday some of my buddies and I hit up Sunday River (I don’t have classes on Fridays this semester) and the six of us spent the day on the mountain. Unfortunatly, we brought along a little too ambitious freshman who was just learning how to ski and he nose dived on our second run and ended up breaking his collar bone. We plaid rock-paper-scissors for who had to drive him to the hospital. Carter is okay now but he will have to take the next few weeks off until he can get back out on the mountain. According to some sources, when Carter called home, his mom didn’t give him too much sympathy, instead she chewed him out for cutting his Friday class to go to the mountain with us.

 On the brighter side, at this weeks Outing Club meeting big Carter had a hilarious story to tell about the whole thing and it now has become the stuff of Bates folklore. (Let’s just say HIS version of the story involves a rabid mountain bear out from hibernation and a damsel in distress)


Here’s a pic of some of my buddies riding the ski lift before they shred the mountain:



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