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The Saturday Morning Tradition

A Bates tradition that’s often overlooked by the Office of Admissions but never forgotten by a Batesie is the Saturday morning breaded chicken patty sandwich. It is served in Commons all day during Saturday morning breakfast and lunch hours. It’s such an amazing staple of the Bates College experience that it is almost beyond words. Divine in essence, as if the chicken patty sandwich was there in Bates’ cosmological beginings, part of the foundation of the school. Before even time existed, the chicken patty sandwich was omnipresent.

Everyone I know has a different way of eating their’s. Some keep it simple and plain with just ketchup. Others prefer their’s with lettuce and tomatoe, while still others insist on peppers and onions and BBQ sauce. One of my best friends puts hot sauce and blue cheese dressing on his. I keep mine plain with honey mustard.

Ask any Bates student about Saturday mornings and they will immediatly say, “Chicken patty day!” It’s something that everyone thought was a godsend their freshman year, a gross and repetative nuisance their sophomore year, and then falling in love with it all over again just before they graduate.



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