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Sometimes our best friends are our worst enemies. We act like we are worlds apart, and yet the Bates-Bowdoin-Colby rivalry keeps us close.This weekend I made it up to Colby with a bunch of other Batesies to see a concert. I got in without paying, watched the whole show from the balcony where all the Bates kids were gathered, and made it back to Bates in time to catch a few after parties.

This weekend was also the Maine State Climate Summit, and Bates was hosting it this year. A bunch of Bowdoin students were here to participate in the summit and one of them was a friend from back home. I drove her back to Brunswick so she could caucus and we hung out at a burrito joint that I use to visit on my way back from the beach last spring.

I have been to all three campuses this weekend.

If the sayings true: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Well, I keep my Bates friends the closest, but the other Bowdoin-Colby kids aren’t strangers. I try to stay on good terms with Bowdoin, my cousin graduated from there last year, and two girls from Kentucky go there. I got mad love for them all. I use to like Colby, but ever since my buddy went through a messy break up with a Colby girl I have had no love for the mules.

But in the end I guess it is all just fun and games!


I wanted to have a picture from the climate summit this weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn’ there, nor was anyone taking pictures. But I love this photo, it was taken about this time last year and was organized by BEAM (Bates Energy Action Movement) who also organized the summit. Here we are supporting a congressional bill. I am in the brown jacket, in the very back, standing up on the left…. trust me, it’s me.

Showing support


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