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OUTfront and the Auction

In Chase Hall this weekend was a fundraising event for the Valentine’s Day dance. But Bates has no ordinary Valentine’s Day dance…. we have Lick It!

Lick It! is a dance run by Bates’ chapter of OUTfront, a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) organization somehow connected to Amnesty International. OUTfront keeps a healthy presence on the campus, receives a generous support in the budgeting process for Bates student clubs, and is responsible for some of the more interesting events that happen at Bates College. Lots of my friends are involved in OUTfront, and nothing they organize is boring.

As OUTfront’s Valentine date auction invitation read:

1. ANYONE can bid on ANYONE.
2. There are no sexual implications in the date.
3. The date only lasts as long as both the Bidder and the Biddee are at the dance, but the date can terminate at any point if there is a mutual feeling.
4. Bidder and Biddee should treat each other with respect.
5. This is a great opportunity to meet someone new, relax, and have fun!

A bunch of my friends were auctioned off on Saturday as dates to Lick It! Of the people I came with, we could only scrounge up $21 and were out bid every time. Girls bid for girls, guys bid for girls, guys bid guys, one girl didn’t have enough money to bid for her own boyfriend, and, of course, someone was auctioned for $69.


Here’s my buddy Tom who went for more than he was worth. As I remember it, he moonwalked across the stage and the auctioneer yelled “Tom is a HURRICANE!”



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