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How the Outing Club REALLY Works

Since the Bates Outing Club is one of (maybe THE) oldest student-run outing club in the country, everything that is decided upon is done through us, by us, for us. For instance, two weeks ago my buddies and I decided that we wanted to spend our February break camping up on Lake Richardson in an old school canvas tent with a stove inside of it for heating. It was noted that none of us had this tent and the BOC didn’t exactly have what we needed for this kind of expedition. Suspiciously, 3 of the 7 people going on the trip were officers (including myself) of the Bates Outing Club.

No strings needed to be pulled, no begging need to happen, and no rules were broken. We simply brought up at a weekly meeting that we wanted buy this new tent for the Outing Club, and everyone thought it was a great idea. So, we bought it. Now that’s an egalitarian club!

In the end, we had a great four days of travel all on the Outing Clubs bill. And that’s the best part about the BOC. We can plan and execute the trips we want to have and have them be financially backed by the club.


Here’s one of five of us on a hike back at the end of the trip. That’s me on the far left.

This a silly on of me messing around for a funny picture on a beautiful, trying to keep my hands warm


This was the tent we bought and the camp we set up.


And this just happens to be a beautiful shot of Lake Richardson.



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