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Better than Christmas

After staying up all night, I walked into Commons, ate a bowl of Coco-Puffs with a cup of coffee, and then crawled over to the library and began writing a paper. That’s the kind of dedication that it takes to survive WRBC’s Trivia Night. It’s a student run event that goes all night, starting with over twenty teams, and by the dawn of the next day only around 6 are left standing.

Freshman year I played Trivia Night with a bunch of kids I had never met and still to this day they are some of my best friends at Bates. Sophomore year, and now junior year, I worked in the radio station answering phones and acting as a judge. Personally, I think the people in the station might be having the most fun of anyone.

I wont explain how the whole game works. But simply, trivia questions are asked over the radio station airwaves and teams have to call in answers. There are also other more physical challenges thrown in and things quickly get out of hand and the whole night usually ends up a mess. Last year, I saw someone attempt to eat a can of mayo. This year I saw two half-naked Ted Kennedy look alikes fight each other in the snow.

Since freshman year, my buddies and I have always said, “Trivia Night… it’s better than Christmas.”


Me in the station

Here’s us in the station, playing tunes on the air, asking questions, and drinking lots of Red Bull.



Yup, that’s me at 6am in the radio station taking a nap before the big finale at 7am in Commons.


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