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Working at the Clam Bake

I know a bunch of the other bloggers have written about the Clam Bake that happened last week. But enough really can’t be said about how much fun it is and how it really does make Bates a special place. The Clam Bake happens twice a year and is open to the whole campus and is organized ENTIRELY by the vice president of the BOC (Bates Outing Club). The event is entirely student run and though eating lobster on the beach is fun, its also fun to take part in the planning, cooking, and serving. And even though it is “student run”, Bates faculty still shows their support. For instance, last year I played bocce ball on the beach with one of the Deans.

This year I volunteered to help cook/boil the lobsters (“clam bake” is a bit of a misnomer, we actually just eat boiled red lobsters and only a few clams). We cooked just less than 300 lobsters, grilled 200 beef patties, and consumed countless gallons of cowslaw. It was a feast and everyone was happy. Some people played soccer on the beach, others read in the sun, some chatted happily in the shade, and the most ambitious went surfing.

As a rule, every time I go to the ocean I have to get in. This years clam bake was no exception. Though my buddies and I knew that the water on the Maine coast can be the coldest in May, we went in with out hesitation. Was it freezing? Yes. Do I regret it? No…… it’s Short Term…. there are no regrets.

The pictures tell the whole story…..



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Vegan Food = Good Food

Let’s be honest, nobody likes vegan food except vegans… right? Not in the new Bates dining super-plex of goodness (fully equipped with Thomas Edison’s personal lumber). People got excited when it opened back in February about the brick oven that created toasted master pieces, but nothing has proved to be more exciting over the last few months than the vegan bar. I’m not even vegan, or a vegetarian, or into health/organic foods. The chef at the vegan bar is just incredibly creative and the food is delicious. In the last few months he (or she) has started making these tangy salads with sun dried tomatoes that everyone has gone crazy for. Also, he (or she… but I think it’s a guy because I believe I’ve seen him making the food) has started making these vegan cutlets. Sometimes they are cajun themed, sometimes they are covered in this wild mushroom dressing, but they always taste really peppery, and to be honest, better than real meat (no joke!). My favorite thing to do at the vegan bar is to fill a plate or bowl with goodies and then take them and mix it with non-vegan things like (dare I say?) CHEESE, and eggs, and chicken.

Even if you don’t like everything they are serving at the vegan bar, it’s worth looking at because there presentation is always prettier than any of the other stations in Commons.

Come join us at the vegan bar! It’s worth checking out!


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Weekend Vacation

With the final AESOP brochure finished, I decided that I owed myself a little vacation. My original plan was to go home (Kentucky), and then when that proved to be too expensive, I decided I was going to Haverford College to visit one of my friends from my study abroad program. And then it became clear that driving 16hrs alone could be dangerous and, more likely, boring. Then, at the last minute, I was invited to tag along with one of my friends and visit her grandmother in Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. For a Kentucky-boy, this is quite the exotic destination. Katie and I then headed south to Boston with a friend who was going home to visit her parents for the weekend, caught a bus and then a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and were picked up by her grandmother in a red drop-top Mercedes.

Not only did I get to spend a relaxing weekend in a vacation spot that I never imagined visiting, but Grandma Bette (as she insisted I call her) allowed Katie and I to take her Mercedes on a joy ride all over the island during the weekend. It was a relaxing get away, and something I needed after putting up with all the brouhaha  that surrounds the process of getting AESOP up and on its feet.


Here’s some silly pics of me on the Vineyard and me with Grandma Bette’s car:

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Breaking the Ice

Last week, Short Term began with a warm and sunny start. While most of my friends were still in class, four of us decided over breakfast to take an outing to Lake Auburn. We strapped some of the Outing Club’s canoes to the top of our car and headed down the road to take a dip. Yet one thing stood in our way… the lake was still frozen over.

Improvising is part of the fun of both Short Term and student-run clubs.  After a few stabs with a trusty paddle, any ice would crack around us and allow for a short paddle. Then again, a few more stabs with a paddle and the ice would break again and we would paddle some more.

No, it wasn’t the best day on the lake but we were the only ones. I like how even on unsuccessful trips my friends at Bates always seem to have a good time.


Here are some pics of me in the front of a canoe (You can see the icey water behind us) and one of us just messing around posing for fun.



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The Guy in Coram Library

Three times now, I have been working at the Imaging and Computing Center in Coram Library and have had this stranger come by my computer and lend me his invaluable assistance. His name is Will, he is part of the staff here at Bates, and his help in never too little. Outside of class, he has taught me how to competently run Adobe InDesign CS3, the software I used to make both my Mt. David Summit poster and this years AESOP brochure. Mind you, both of these were extracurricular activities. And he spent long hours sitting next to me and waking me through the complex software.

Just today, I was was scanning photos, all he heard was the sound of the scanner, and without a word he hopped up and out of his office, and came over to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Of course, I was doing it all wrong. He sat down, and with out picking up my mouse, pointed at the screen and for the next hour tutored me on software imaging.

Slowly but surely my skills with InDesign will improve. And I already feel more competent with it than I did when I started out in March. But it’s amazing how much I have learned outside of the classroom with the kindness of the Bates staff.



You can find more information about the Imaging Center by following the link on the right hand column of my blog.

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Porches, Beaches, and Farms: A Day in the Life

The semester was coming to an end and I hadn’t yet found housing to stay in Maine for the summer. This was a problem since my home is in Kentucky and I needed to be close to campus to finish working on last minute preparations for this fall’s AESOP. So, I went to a dean’s office and begged for help. Only at a school like Bates is something like this at all possible. The dean heard my plea and hired me as a research assistant for Short Term which gave me the luxury of keeping my on campus room and let me stay on the meal plan. These days I am making my own hours and finishing up all the reservations, liability forms, and brochures for AESOP.

But when I am not doing that I spread my time between three places: porches, beaches, and The Farm.

All up and down Frye St there are small campus owned houses for students. Most of them are populated by the artsy-outdoorsy-activist kids. But the baseball team also lives in one of the houses, and last year the lax boys had a house on Frye St too. Over Short Term, kids put their couches out on the porch and enjoy the warm weather. It feels like almost every night one of the houses is putting out a grill and cooking up some food supplied by Commons.

Other than that, I am officially taking up surfing as a past time. All my buddies are really into it and this past week the swells have been amazing. Good surfing is at most a 45 minute drive away. And even on cold flat days, it can be fun to go for a swim in your wet suit.

But if you are not interested in a rowdy day trying to catch a wave, a lazy after noon at “The Farm” (ie Nezinscot Farm). At Nezinscot, you can catch a tastey breakfast or just stroll the place soaking in the feel of rural Maine.


Here are some of my friends off the Maine coast about to find out that there might not be any good waves today.

Here are some Bates girls up at The Farm enjoying a lazy Saturday.


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