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Breaking the Ice

Last week, Short Term began with a warm and sunny start. While most of my friends were still in class, four of us decided over breakfast to take an outing to Lake Auburn. We strapped some of the Outing Club’s canoes to the top of our car and headed down the road to take a dip. Yet one thing stood in our way… the lake was still frozen over.

Improvising is part of the fun of both Short Term and student-run clubs.  After a few stabs with a trusty paddle, any ice would crack around us and allow for a short paddle. Then again, a few more stabs with a paddle and the ice would break again and we would paddle some more.

No, it wasn’t the best day on the lake but we were the only ones. I like how even on unsuccessful trips my friends at Bates always seem to have a good time.


Here are some pics of me in the front of a canoe (You can see the icey water behind us) and one of us just messing around posing for fun.




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