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The Guy in Coram Library

Three times now, I have been working at the Imaging and Computing Center in Coram Library and have had this stranger come by my computer and lend me his invaluable assistance. His name is Will, he is part of the staff here at Bates, and his help in never too little. Outside of class, he has taught me how to competently run Adobe InDesign CS3, the software I used to make both my Mt. David Summit poster and this years AESOP brochure. Mind you, both of these were extracurricular activities. And he spent long hours sitting next to me and waking me through the complex software.

Just today, I was was scanning photos, all he heard was the sound of the scanner, and without a word he hopped up and out of his office, and came over to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Of course, I was doing it all wrong. He sat down, and with out picking up my mouse, pointed at the screen and for the next hour tutored me on software imaging.

Slowly but surely my skills with InDesign will improve. And I already feel more competent with it than I did when I started out in March. But it’s amazing how much I have learned outside of the classroom with the kindness of the Bates staff.



You can find more information about the Imaging Center by following the link on the right hand column of my blog.


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