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Vegan Food = Good Food

Let’s be honest, nobody likes vegan food except vegans… right? Not in the new Bates dining super-plex of goodness (fully equipped with Thomas Edison’s personal lumber). People got excited when it opened back in February about the brick oven that created toasted master pieces, but nothing has proved to be more exciting over the last few months than the vegan bar. I’m not even vegan, or a vegetarian, or into health/organic foods. The chef at the vegan bar is just incredibly creative and the food is delicious. In the last few months he (or she) has started making these tangy salads with sun dried tomatoes that everyone has gone crazy for. Also, he (or she… but I think it’s a guy because I believe I’ve seen him making the food) has started making these vegan cutlets. Sometimes they are cajun themed, sometimes they are covered in this wild mushroom dressing, but they always taste really peppery, and to be honest, better than real meat (no joke!). My favorite thing to do at the vegan bar is to fill a plate or bowl with goodies and then take them and mix it with non-vegan things like (dare I say?) CHEESE, and eggs, and chicken.

Even if you don’t like everything they are serving at the vegan bar, it’s worth looking at because there presentation is always prettier than any of the other stations in Commons.

Come join us at the vegan bar! It’s worth checking out!



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