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A Great First Class

In my second class of my first day of the new semester, I was taken aback. The professor, who I only knew through one other class, taken two years ago, recognized me and remembered my name. He walked up to me as soon as he entered the room and said, “Graham, right?” I replied, “You got it.” And he pointed out, “I see you’ve moved from sitting in the back of the class to the front in four semesters.” Later, while reviewing the syllabus, he announced, “Graham here works at the Ronj, and has previously arranged video showings for my class. Can we do that again this year?”

I am not surprised when certain professors remember me. Some classes are particularly small, or some classes I take advantage of office hours and get lots of essay feedback. But that wasn’t the case when I took Western Political Theory. I did sit more in the back, kept a lower profile, and blended in to the forty person class. How this professor remembered who I was is a mystery. But the only thing I have to say is: TAKE A CLASS WITH BILL CORLETT! He really is a great professor and his classes are always very popular (his courses cover great topics like Marxism and LGTB issues). But even though I know a ton of students who always show up to his office hours and talk to him about political activism, he still remembers the names of the quiet kids in the back row.    



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