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Weekend Vacation

With the final AESOP brochure finished, I decided that I owed myself a little vacation. My original plan was to go home (Kentucky), and then when that proved to be too expensive, I decided I was going to Haverford College to visit one of my friends from my study abroad program. And then it became clear that driving 16hrs alone could be dangerous and, more likely, boring. Then, at the last minute, I was invited to tag along with one of my friends and visit her grandmother in Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. For a Kentucky-boy, this is quite the exotic destination. Katie and I then headed south to Boston with a friend who was going home to visit her parents for the weekend, caught a bus and then a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and were picked up by her grandmother in a red drop-top Mercedes.

Not only did I get to spend a relaxing weekend in a vacation spot that I never imagined visiting, but Grandma Bette (as she insisted I call her) allowed Katie and I to take her Mercedes on a joy ride all over the island during the weekend. It was a relaxing get away, and something I needed after putting up with all the brouhaha  that surrounds the process of getting AESOP up and on its feet.


Here’s some silly pics of me on the Vineyard and me with Grandma Bette’s car:


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